Email & Spam Protection

"SBNS virtually removed hundreds of

incoming spam on our servers and computers. "

David Geier

Goya Lighting Inc.

Small Business Network Solutions can help manage your existing Exchange server. We specialize in system day to day maintenance, updates,  and migrations to Office 365 Cloud service. Need a new sever? No problem, we can migrate your old exchange server to a new box. Safely access your email from Outlook Web Access anywhere, reduce spam, automatic backup, and sophisticated sharing.

Email & Spam Protection 

In many ways your email system is the weakest link on your network as far as security is concerned. This is the entry point of most of your infections. A compromised system does't always show any signs of being infected, it quietly uses your network to propagate itself or perform attacks out on the web. Tired of deleting hundreds of spam emails a day? Reduce the risk of  viruses, phishing, and other malware by updating your Firewall and network security today. 

Google Apps Migrations

Thinking of moving to the cloud? Google Apps is a great way to save on overhead cost.  Easily access all of your email and documents, share calendars and increase security. This product has really come a long way and has become the perfect tool for companies with traveling sales forces and on the move consultants. Become HIPPA compliantant and  increase office functionality through Google Docs, Google Drive and Calendar.

"The only tech we have needed for over 10 years. SBNS handles our Email Server, Fax Server, and File Server"

Tom McGowan

Acute Care Pharmacuticals

Office 365 Migrations

Managing an Exchange server can be costly. Constant updates and backup cost can be a downside to hosting your own email server. Office 365 lowers the yearly cost of managing your server and provides data reliability built in to this Microsoft service. Gives a call today to learn more about moving your server to the cloud. 

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